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Our MD, Dr. Mark Williams, voluntarily developed an initial website architecture, XHTML templates and style sheets for the Usability & Accessibility Working Group.

The UA-WG is a not-for-profit organisation which is aiming to devise practical initiatives to remedy social exclusion from the Internet.

Our contribution

Mark has been a key member of the UA-WG since its inception as a working group of the BWDMA — see their 2003 press release on this site. Every one at Surfability wants the UA-WG to succeed because we share in their vision of an obstacle-free Internet, so we were very happy for Mark to volunteer his services to the group. It was also an opportunity for Mark to learn from, and work with, some of his peers in the industry.

Mark did the following:

  1. Beginning with a conceptual 'mindmap' and a set of content descriptions, which were both provided by Dennis Kessler of Rocket Surgery, Mark drew up a hierarchical structure for the website using our WebLayout tool;
  2. Developed a basic file structure for the site with simple, readable web addresses for the web pages therein;
  3. Created a basic XHTML template and style sheet, and populated a 'skeleton' website with place-holding content;
  4. Revised the XHTML templates based on UA-WG feedback; and
  5. Created and integrated a working style sheet (revised and improved later by the group) from graphic designs provided by another UA-WG member.
  6. Migrated static content to a new content management system which he helped to configure.
  7. Developed a members-only area for the website.

A static version of the UA-WG website was launched in August 2004 and in September 2005 the website was relaunched using Plone as a CMS.

Mark now manages the website with the help of a small team of volunteers from the UA-WG. He is also on the board of the not-for-profit company that the working group has now become.

"We have combined the knowledge and skills of all our members to produce this site, but I would like to extend particular thanks to Alastair Campbell (of Nomensa), Mark Gristock (of JKD) Richard Watson (of Openia) and Dr Mark Williams (of Surfability), who have all worked ceaselessly to pull the many different strands of web development together."

Léonie Watson, Chairman, UA-WG.

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