Case study: Usability test of KITE website

KITE logo Case study 14: We took part in a usability test of the KITE Club website for the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council.

The KITE Club is a new initiative which brings a single identity to all PPARC's technology development, business and partnership activities.

Our connection with PPARC

Surfability Ltd came into being through an Enterprise Fellowship which was awarded to Dr. Mark Williams, our Managing Director, by the Royal Society of Edinburgh in October 2000, and was funded by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council.

Surfability Solution

As a web usability practitioner with a long standing relationship with PPARC, our Technical Director, Dr. Paul Dixon was ideally qualified to test the the KITE Club website. Working as a sub-contractor for The Web Usability Partnership, who moderated and recorded the usability test, Paul gave his expert opinion on the following features of the site:

  1. the home page, stating what he thought of the overall design;
  2. the user interface;
  3. each link on a page, explaining what he thought each link meant;
  4. the complexity of the copy;
  5. the search interface, explaining what he thought was good and what he thought needed improvement; and
  6. the quality of the search results.

"After deciding to commission a series of user tests for the PPARC KITE club website I remembered that Surfability - which was one of our inaugural Enterprise Fellowship winning companies and a member of the KITE club itself - specialises in this area of web development. Given their vested interest in the success of the site, and their highly relevant experience, I championed their involvement in this essential research."

Nathan Hill, Industry Coordinator, PPARC.

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