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e-search Consulting Ltd is a specialist IT recruitment consultancy with a number of large clients. With the business doing well they wanted a "slick" looking new website. They also required a new, less colourful version of their old logo. The new website ( was released to the world on December 19th 2003.

Surfability solution

There were five steps in the e-search website development process:

  1. Graphic design based on discussions with the client. The starting point was three example websites and the client's wish for a one-colour site with various shades of grey. The four pages on the site needed to be consistently designed but also distinguishable in some way.
  2. Coding of the graphic design into HTML.
  3. Conversion of pages of content into web pages - i.e. the home page, candidates page, clients page and "contact" page.
  4. Bespoke content management system by which the various sections on each web page can be edited from anywhere in the world via a browser.
  5. Submission to search engines such as Google.
  6. Search engine optimisation using meta tags.

After-sales service

Following the initial release of the new website, on request from the client, we changed the site design so that the pages fill the browser completely, rather than having a fixed width and minimum height. This change, which required additional HTML coding, made the look-and-feel of the site significantly different from the original specification that was agreed upon at the beginning of the project. However, despite our initial concerns about this design change, we soon realised that the website definitely looked the better for it, which proves the old saying that "the customer is always right"!

"We discussed our requirements with several agencies before deciding on who to use but it was immediately apparent upon meeting Surfability that we could proceed with confidence. Surfability were spot-on in understanding our requirements. They were professional, and our site was delivered quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them to anyone."

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