Case study: Website and CMS for e-Pay

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Working as a sub-contractor for The Brew, we built an accessible website and a feature-rich content management system for the e-Pay National Project (

e-Pay is sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), and through its website and through various events, it aims to provide guidance and tools for local authorities to help them provide e-payment facilities to citizens.

Surfability Solution

The prime contractor on this project, The Brew, provided us with graphics, XHTML templates and a CMS specification. We then adapted an open-source CMS (selected by The Brew) to produce accessible, standards-complaint XHTML code, and to have the following functionality:

We were handed this project at very short notice but we managed to deliver a working website and a fully functional content management system within three weeks.

"The Surfability team worked to a very tight deadline on the e-Pay project, but they were always cool under pressure, and it was a pleasure working with them."

Andrew Clough, Director, The Brew.

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