Case study: Berlinguer website

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Berlinguer Ltd provides comprehensive media solutions to financial institutions and publishing companies. They needed a website which matched their marketing materials and the resulting website can be found at We were given a very detailed specification for the website, which enabled us to give a fixed price for the development work. We then worked closely with the client to design a dynamic site that emulates and enhances their brand. The website was released to the world on September 25th 2003.

Surfability solution

There were seven steps in the Berlinguer website development process:

  1. Produce a working HTML version of the client's initial home page design with colours and logo in place just as they intended;
  2. Convert 24 Microsoft Word content pages into Berlinguer web pages with relevant titles and meta tags
  3. Create a customisable e-mail newsletter subscription page, and an enquiries page which store users' submissions and notify Berlinguer personnel;
  4. Develop a secure system for managing e-mail lists;
  5. Design context-sensitive navigation bars, a site map and 'breadcrumb trails' to further aid navigaton;
  6. Provide a bespoke, web-based content+contacts management system;
  7. Submit the site to all major search engines and relevant directories;

"Surfability is definitely our supplier of choice. Their team is terrifically talented and highly responsive. They provide an optimum service that is excellent value and precisely meets our needs. We'll certainly want to continue working with them and I highly recommend them to other businesses."

Francesca Carnevale, Director, Berlinguer Ltd.

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