Case study: ITC services for SRHE

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The Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) is an independent society which aims to improve the quality of higher education in the UK.

SRHE required a number of PCs to be networked via a Windows 2000 domain controller utilising Active Directory and Exchange Server.

Surfability completed this project in April 2003.

Surfability solution

Another IT supplier had recommended that SRHE purchase a new server for use as a domain controller. However, our Technical Director (Paul Dixon), studied the hardware requirements for Windows 2000 and Exchange Server and decided that SRHE's existing server would be more than adequate for the task. SRHE therefore avoided unnecessary expenditure.

Following some further research, Paul estimated that it would take him a day to install and configure everything. Based on this time estimate he gave a fixed price for the job. The solution did indeed take a day to implement.

At a later date, Paul set up a router and firewall for SRHE in order to secure the computers which were previously exposed directly to the internet (via an existing non NATed BT Openworld ADSL solution). This will also allow SRHE to save money by dispensing with unnecessary IP addresses. The additional work took one hour and was charged accordingly.

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