Case study: Moorgate Group web redesign

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Moorgate Group specialises in the Emerging markets, offering market intelligence and investment support services. They know their market and they know how the various 'instruments' work, and this gives them a unique selling proposition. Unlike other agencies, the company has people with very impressive CVs who can do a lot more besides PR.

However, Robert Kelsey, the company's managing director and founder, wanted to take the Moorgate Group website to the next stage. He wanted it to "look good'', be "conservative", "meaningful" and "aspirational" and serve as a "calling card" that suggests "solidity" and "trust", like the website of a law firm. Key objectives were to make the site look more impressive and to generate more hits through site marketing techniques. The website had to communicate clearly who Moorgate Group are and what they do.

Surfability completed the four-week redesign project in July 2003. The resulting website can be found at

Surfability solution

There were five phases to the project:

  1. Research Moorgate Group, its customers and competitors, and plan the new website's architecture and page content;
  2. Design the look-and-feel through specific features, colour schemes, and graphics;
  3. Develop and test website functionality and page templates;
  4. Implement and prototype new design with new content and enhanced searchability;
  5. Roll out a high profile website after debugging, fine-tuning, and webmaster training.

Problems solved

There were a number of technical problems that had to be overcome during the course of the project:

"When I came to Surfability for a website I told them I had two issues:

  1. I needed to update the website very regularly and I wasn't willing to pay to have a professional update it again and again, and
  2. I am an old dog and updating websites myself looked like a very new trick.

Surfability designed a content management system and taught me how to use it. It was so simple even I could do it. In fact it was beyond simple - it was enjoyable. Now I love updating the website.

Also, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted from my website. But I had no idea how to explain it. Surfability took my mad ramblings and turned it into the website I always wanted, without realising it. They were also courteous, attentive, patient and reasonably priced. That's why I'm now recommending them to my best clients."

Robert Kelsey, Managing Director, Moorgate Group.

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