Surfability solutions: Website usage statistics

Section of Moorgate website usage screen on Surfability extranet Example of website usage analysis summary page

Surfability provides bespoke web analytics solutions for clients, but we can also configure and supply more general web usage statistics as part of our web redesign service.

Usage statistics can be accessed from the Kanaloa CMS, and the web interface to the analysis results are usually hosted on the Surfability Extranet for a low monthly fee.

The statistics are typically updated once a week, but they can be updated more often, if required.


You can use the Webalizer web interface to:

  1. Find out which areas of your website are the most popular, when they are being accessed and by how many people. So when you, for example, email an announcement or do a mailshot to whomever, you'd probably see a sharp rise in your hit statistics on and around the day of the email.
  2. Keep track of which websites visitors are going to before they click on your website so you can work out which external links are working for you and which ones are not.
  3. See which search terms your visitors use to find your website, which can be instructive. If they are using relatively unimportant key words then you may want to add a few more powerful words to attract potential clients to your site.
  4. Finally, you may find that your favourite page on your site is not being visited at all which would tell you to make the link to it more prominent on the homepage.

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