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Before beginning a website improvement project we always prefer to meet prospective clients and find out what they really want - then we go away and write a full project proposal, which is iniitially recorded as a static document, but is then transferred to our interactive extranet website.

Transparent services

Our proposal documents typically contain full details of our plans for the project, with itemised milestones, a gantt chart and a breakdown of exactly how long each deliverable will take, along with the specific costs involved.

All the information in the project proposal is transferred to our password-protected extranet which helps us to manage the project exactly as laid out in the proposal, and also enables the client to log in and check up on our progress at any time. Transparency is a key benefit of working with Surfability.

Getting to know you

Unlike many other web developers we don't like to give a quote for a standard solution without talking to the potential client first, because, although we have tried-and-tested tools and techniques, every website is different. We give a quote in the project proposal and, as long as the client works with us and the project doesn't change significantly, then we always stick to the price we originally quoted, even if it takes us a little longer than expected.

You have nothing to lose by meeting with us, other than an hour or so of your time. At the very least we could give you a few ideas for your website and/or intranet, even if you decide not to hire us.

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