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KanaloaTM enables our clients to update their websites from any computer anywhere on the Internet - see the Moorgate Group case study.

Content Management

When we design websites we prefer to use PHP (a server-side scripting language) to include the lines of HTML code for various web page elements, such as navigation bars, which are stored in separate files. In conjunction with cascading style sheets, we use PHP to separate a website's content from its presentation and provide a simple web interface for editing web page components.

How the CMS works

To update their websites our clients simply log on to a password-protected administration area and switch "Edit Mode" on. They then navigate through the website as they would do normally until they get to the page they wish to update. Clicking on the "Edit this page" button at the top of the page brings up a web page editor, which enables them to make changes to the page and preview the changes before saving them.

Our clients can also use the integrated file manager to add/delete/edit pages and to upload files; and all of this is done through the web browser without having to download any software onto the computer they are working from.

Kanaloa can be further customised to include other applications, such as email applications and web analytics tools.

Why is it called Kanaloa?

Kanaloa was the Hawaiian ocean god, god of salt water, the deep sea, and of navigation and carving; by inhaling and exhaling he made the ocean tides. The 'eye of Kanaloa', which is found on all Surfability products, is an ancient symbol representing the Aka Web, or The Web of Life, the symbolic connection of all things to each other.

"Surfability designed a content management system and taught me how to use it. It was so simple even I could do it. In fact it was beyond simple - it was enjoyable. Now I love updating the website."

Robert Kelsey, Managing Director, Moorgate Group.

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