Web improvement

We are continually developing innovative tools and techniques to improve knowledge-rich sites, making them more efficient, inclusive and accessible so that important information can be easily found by all dependent stakeholders.

See our web improvement case studies for examples of our work.


Our website and intranet redesign projects are managed on-line, and typically comprise four phases: research; design; deployment; and maintenance.

Phase One: Research

  1. Consult website owners, authors, users and selected stakeholders (including WebLayout)
  2. Determine on-line objectives
  3. Analyse usage logs and identify "hotspots" and "bottlenecks" (KhronoMeta)
  4. Audit existing information content and linkages (gap analysis)
  5. Review current systems and web technologies
  6. Compare with similar sites and industry best practice

Deliverables: Taxonomy, hierarchy, web strategy (vision of ideal site)

Phase Two: Design

  1. Select design features, with accessibility in mind
  2. Solicit 'missing' content
  3. Choose consistent look-and-feel -- graphics, colours, branding etc.
  4. Optimise linkages between content (cross-references) to ensure efficient navigability
  5. Design human-centered interface for common user tasks (usability)
  6. Scope technologies (CMS, hardware and software)

Deliverables: Information architecture and mock-up designs

Phase Three: Deployment

  1. Repurpose old content, integrate new content and restructure site
  2. Upgrade to standards-compliant XHTML and repair broken links
  3. Install accessibility features
  4. Test usability and optimise design for search engines etc.
  5. Market to internal and external stakeholders
  6. Integrate with chosen CMS (e.g. Kanaloa)

Deliverables: Usable, accessible, navigable, optimal, scaleable website

Phase Four: Maintenance

  1. Check regularly for broken links etc.
  2. Enforce authorship guidelines
  3. Manage CMS and workflow
  4. Implement appropriate Knowledge management processes
  5. Measure and monitor usability and navigability (NaviGauge)
  6. Keep content up-to-date and archive old content

Deliverables: Tools to maintain site and monitor effects of design changes

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