Business Case: Usability studies

Why usability?

Market studies show that E-business consumers and intranet users both want websites that are easy to use. The Meta group predicts that "Third generation sites (2001+) will focus on the user experience", and they suggest that once a site is deployed, feedback loops should incorporate measurement tools to regularly review site design and functionality.

The need for usability studies

Despite the abundance of design recommendations and guidelines:

The need for automated usability studies

Tools and methodologies are needed to accelerate and improve the website design process due to:

As part of our website improvement service, we use a unique diagnostic tool called NaviGaugeTM, which identifies navigational deficiencies in a website or intranet and provides a quantitative measure of its ease-of-use.

"By 2003, 60% of G2000 enterprises will have consistent Web site benefit metrics that are tracked regularly to show improvement over time ... reaching 80%+ ... by 2005."

Kurt Schlegel, META Group Inc., March 2001.

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