Business Case: Web analytics

What is web analytics?

A web analytics system analyses web visitors' online behaviour, allowing enterprises to optimise their website structure and content to better serve their customers. Enterprises can increase customer loyalty and sales by continually monitoring and reacting to the interaction between website offers and web visitor actions.

The need for web analytics

E-businesses need to know:

ZDNET predicts that "the demand for Web analytics ... is poised to explode over the next five to 10 years".

Surfability solution

We provide bespoke web analytics solutions such as the KhronometaTM, along with a more generic web usage analysis service for smaller organisations, which is hosted on the Surfability extranet.

"Web analytics suppliers are delivering a capability that e-Businesses are hungry for - the ability to better understand their web visitors."

Guy Creese, Aberdeen Group Inc, December 2000.

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