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We specialise in improving info-rich websites - adding value to knowledge portals. From hardware installations to software solutions, we deliver IT services of the highest quality.
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Surfability Skillset
As experienced Webmasters, System Managers and Programmers, we are skilled in:
*  Web analytics
*  Knowledge management
*  Website usability
*  Intranet design
*  Computer networking
*  Secure web servers
*  Online communities
*  Linux/Windows/MacOS
Surfability Problems?
Is your company website
Usable? Navigable? Surfable?

Is it designed with the
web-surfing user in mind?

Is its information easy to find?
Surfable Solutions:
Our painless website redesigns
are measurably more surfable.

Usability studies and infospatial 
analyses define our redesigns
so our tools can make your site
Usable + Navigable = Surfable.

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Surfability Successes
*  Intranet redesign for BaBar collaboration.
*  Quantin' Leap website.
*  Database for London College of Music & Media
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Surfability Software
We utilise:
*  Perl, CGI, SQL
*  Java, C++, C
*  For all platforms
*  For all browsers
Website improvements are implemented and quantified using our own specialised software which can be integrated into our customers' existing website management toolkits.
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