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Appeared in issue 16 of Frontiers magazine:

The science and art of web design

Smart award presentation photo Nigel Griffiths MP presenting us with our Smart award.

Ex-particle physicist Mark Williams gives a progress report on his burgeoning enterprise, Surfability...

My PPARC Enterprise Fellowship award in 2000 led to the formation of Surfability Limited in 2001 (see Frontiers 11). In December 2002, following eleven months of R&D, partly funded by a DTI SMART award, we produced a working prototype of the NaviGaugeTM. This innovative tool identifies usability and navigational deficiencies in a website, and accurately gauges its effectiveness as an information resource (see Given the current economic climate, measurable returns on investment for complex websites are essential, and since traditional usability studies are labour intensive, our automated approach has a real competitive advantage.

Released on February 21st 2003

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