Surfability Vision

Photo of Surfability directors standing on the roof of Queen Mary Physics Department beside its large telescope. Telescopic vision.

This is the 'age of information'. We are constantly bombarded with data from myriad sources - mostly useless or irrelevant, but sometimes important or even essential. The worldwide web has now become the 'font of all knowledge', containing both signal (everything we need to know) and noise (the junk frequently returned by search engines).

Our vision is of a not-too-distant future where automated data sources are capable of delivering concise, precise answers to simple human questions. As a company we can take significant steps towards realising this vision by effectively increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in large information-rich websites, adding to their value through increased accessibility, usability and navigability.

Our target customers are large organisations whose mature websites or intranets have grown out of control. Our innovative redesign solutions bring efficiency and order to chaotic websites.

Research and Development

We have encapsulated our website analysis tools and techniques into two major software products:

Commercialisation strategy

In order to make the NaviGauge a de facto industry standard we are looking to:

"We believe that all information-rich websites should be usable, accessible and easy to navigate."

Dr. Mark I. Williams, Managing Director, Surfability Ltd.

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