The Surfability team

Photo of the three Surfability heads From left to right, our management team is:
Dr. Dan Azzopardi, Company Secretary,
Dr. Mark I. Williams, Managing Director,
& Dr. Paul Dixon, Technical Director.

The Surfability team has over two decades of experience of working within three large particle physics Collaborations based in Geneva (ALEPH), Hamburg (H1) and California (BaBar). Their complete redesign of the BaBar website in 1999 was a great success which led to Mark Williams' Enterprise Fellowship in October 2000, and the incorporation of Surfability Ltd in February 2001.

Management team profiles

We have amassed considerable expertise in data analysis techniques, Internet technologies, project management, usability and web design.

Other team members

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6 Beaufort Court
London E14 9XL
Tel: 020 7093 6190