Serving the Public Sector

Surfability is committed to developing effective partnerships with governmental and public sector clients, enabling those organisations to deliver information and services effectively to customers.

We aim to use our innovative software to improve knowledge-rich websites, intranets and extranets, making them more efficient, inclusive and accessible so that important information can be easily found by all dependent stakeholders.

Surfability's management team understand the electronic communication issues facing public sector organisations. Our experiences within large international collaborations have imbued us with a deep understanding of effective 'knowledge management' processes, reflecting the needs of our public sector clients.

We have worked with pubic sector organisations at local, national and international level, including the Department of Trade and Industry, the London College of Music and Media, the National Film and Television School, the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council, Stanford University in the USA, and Queen Mary, University of London.

"We are constantly inventing and adopting new techniques and technologies in order to augment and enhance our service offerings. We adhere strictly to the principles of best value and best practice so that we can provide consistently high quality services and innovative solutions that are both effective and efficient."

Dr. Mark I. Williams, Managing Director, Surfability Ltd.

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