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Two jets of curving charged particle tracks and linear photon energy deposits recorded by the ALEPH detector. A radiative 2-jet event detected in the Large Electron Positron (LEP) collider by the ALEPH collaboration at CERN, where the worldwide web was born.

Before entering the business world in 2000 our management team worked within large international collaborations, sharing knowledge through intranets, developing software, and analysing complex data sets. In 2001 we formed Surfability Ltd with a vision of a 'golden age of information', and adopted a code of professional conduct, using an extranet website to ensure transparency by enabling our clients to monitor our progress continually and remotely on web development projects.

How Surfability began....

Whatever happened to Surfability?

In 2005 Bailey Teswaine hired our team to build the hosting infrastructure and software environment for their newly acquired Extrasys hosted services division, and we ended up running the business until it was sold on again in 2009. Surfability Ltd was dissolved in 2008, but the team lives on so please contact us if you have a business problem to solve.

"Our mission is to turn the art of web design into a science and thereby help our clients to fully realise the value of their websites."

Surfability mission statement, July 2002.

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